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5 Best Employee Appreciation Gifts They’ll Use and Love


Showing appreciation to employees is important for morale, productivity, and retention. But finding the best employee appreciation gifts can sometimes feel like a thankless task. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 ideas for staff appreciation gifts that are sure to leave a lasting impression:

1. Pens: More Than Just Writing Tools

Forget the boring bulk packs! Choose pens with personality, like those with sleek designs, smooth ink flow, or even engraved with your company logo or a personal message. A nice pen shows you value their work and attention to detail. It’s also something they’ll use often, keeping your appreciation at the forefront of their mind.

2. Journals: Capture Dreams and Ideas

Journals aren’t just for diary entries anymore. They’re notebooks for brainstorming, goal setting, or even gratitude lists. Employees can use it for work or personal use, making it a versatile employee appreciation gift. Pair it with a matching pen for a complete power couple of expression!

3. Drinkware: Fueling Productivity (and Caffeination)

Let’s face it, coffee (or tea!) keeps the world running. Upgrade their mug game with sleek travel tumblers that keep beverages hot or cold for hours. It’s a subtle nudge toward staying hydrated and fueled throughout the day, showing you care about their well-being and productivity.

4. Backpacks: Carrying Success in Style

A backpack is a practical employee recognition product that employees can use for work, travel, or everyday errands.  Choose versatile backpacks with ergonomic padding, multiple compartments, and even charging capabilities. To make it extra special, choose one that fits their style and needs.

5. Coolers: Keep It Cool

Who says employee recognition gifts can’t be fun? Coolers are perfect for celebrating team achievements with picnic outings or after-work gatherings. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows you care about their enjoyment of leisure time.

Top 5 Employee Appreciation Gifts

What Makes Good Employee Recognition Gifts?

A good employee recognition gift should be thoughtful, show you recognize their contributions, and ideally, be something they’ll genuinely enjoy and appreciate. Here are some key factors to consider:

Individuality — Not all employees are the same. Consider their personal interests, hobbies, and preferences.  A generic gift might be appreciated, but a personalized one shows you put in extra thought.

Meaningfulness — Choose a gift that connects to the employee’s specific contribution or achievement. Did they go above and beyond on a project? Find a related item that celebrates their effort.

Company culture — Consider the overall vibe and values of your organization. If it’s fun and casual, a lighthearted or humorous gift might be appropriate. If it’s more serious and professional, stick with something classic and elegant. Choose a gift that aligns with your company’s values, like sustainability or community.

Employee Recognition Gifts

Employee Recognition Gifts Simplified

Businesses often struggle to scale personalized gifting while maintaining that heartfelt touch. Balancing individual appreciation with efficient program management becomes a juggling act. That’s where Amsterdam steps in. We specialize in creating unique, high-quality personalized gifts to elevate your employee appreciation program. From heartfelt thank-you gifts to stylish drinkware and premium pen sets, we offer something special for everyone on your team. With Amsterdam, recognizing your employees is simple, personalized, and rewarding.

Don’t forget the personal touch! Adding a handwritten note of appreciation can elevate even a simple gift.


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