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Top 5 Conference Swag Ideas That Stand Out


Promotional items, or “swag,” are a staple at conferences. They’re a chance to leave a lasting impression on attendees, promote your brand, and generate leads. But with so many options, choosing the right swag can be a challenge. Here’s our top 5 conference swag ideas that are guaranteed to resonate with attendees and leave your brand message lingering long after the conference ends.

1. Pens: The Timeless Classic

A classic for a reason, custom pens are a versatile and practical giveaway that attendees are sure to use. They’re affordable and easy to customize with your logo and contact information. Plus, every time they use your pen, they’ll be reminded of your brand. Opt for high-quality pens with a comfortable grip and smooth writing experience. Bonus points if they’re refillable!

2. Promotional Apparel: From Bland to Branded

Branded apparel ticks several boxes when it comes to effective conference swag. It’s versatile, practical, offers great brand exposure, and can be a positive reminder of the event. Choose comfortable, stylish apparel that attendees will actually wear. Explore options like eco-friendly t-shirts made from recycled materials, fashionable hats, or cozy pullovers with your brand’s subtle logo placement.

3. Journals: The “Write” Stuff

Forget the flimsy notebooks that end up gathering dust in a drawer. Level up your swag game with beautiful journals that inspire creativity and keep attendees organized. These beauties are the perfect companions for capturing aha moments and jotting down brilliant ideas. Spark deeper engagement by incorporating inspirational quotes or thought-provoking prompts related to your conference theme. Take it a step further and showcase your commitment to sustainability by choosing journals made from recycled materials.

Conference Swag: Apparel, Journals, Pens

4. Bags: Functionality Meets Portability

When you’re at a conference or event, you need somewhere to put all your new swag! That’s where bags, totes and backpacks come in. These bags offer durability and practicality, encouraging attendees to use them daily. And when it comes to personalization options, the sky really is the limit — and you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot!

5. Lanyards/Badge Holders: Conference Essentials

While lanyards and badge holders might seem like basic conference items, they offer a strategic opportunity to elevate your brand presence. This cost-effective and customizable promotional item offers a prime opportunity to showcase your logo and company information, ensuring attendees keep your brand top-of-mind post-conference.

Conference Swag: Bags

How to Choose the Best Conference Swag

No matter where your next event takes place, choosing the right promotional items for conferences can be a powerful way to connect with attendees and increase brand awareness. Choose wisely by considering these key factors:

  • Quality matters: Invest in well-made, durable items that reflect your brand’s values.
  • Think outside the box: Don’t settle for generic, forgettable items. Think creatively and offer unique and relevant items that connect with your specific audience and the conference theme.
  • Personalize the experience: Consider offering customization options, like initials or names, to increase the perceived value and memorability of the swag.

By following these tips and choosing from our top picks, you can create awesome giveaways attendees will obsess over, use daily, and brag about. It’s a guaranteed recipe for lasting brand love!

Bonus Tip: Elevate your giveaway swag and delight attendees by including extras like branded treats, hand sanitizer or tech accessories.


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